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By: Jérémie MOINEREAU | Asked: 05/11/2023
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Jérémie MOINEREAU asked 12 months ago
Hi !  I'd like to fetch the gclid unique ID of google ads in the form in order to send it to a google sheets via Zapier. It's been a month that i'm looking for a solution.

Jotform doesn't do it when it's embed. Outgrow asks 1500$/year to remove their branded logo on the form.... Is there any way i could do it with Formidable form ?
Victor Font replied 12 months ago

Where is the gclid unique ID located?

Jérémie MOINEREAU replied 12 months ago

<p>It's in the URL, as a parameter after the slug</p><p> </p><p></p>

Victor Font replied 12 months ago

If it's in the URL as a query string parameter, you can use the [get param=gclid] shortcode. Set the shortcode as the default value in a text or hidden field.

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