Has anyone had problems with the Calendar View and Divi theme?

By: Julius hernández | Asked: 05/17/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsHas anyone had problems with the Calendar View and Divi theme?
Julius hernándezJulius hernández asked 11 months ago

I'm using Divi theme (not to my pleasure) and I set the Calendar view as usual. But the side links to change to previous and next month don't work. It only scrolls down a little and stops. It's only possible to change month selecting it in the dropdown.

I found they're aware of that in the docs, in this page:

Common problems#
If the page slides when the click a previous or next month link, and the page does not change, this indicates a conflict with your theme (like Divi). The easiest solution is usually to turn off smooth scrolling in your theme.

But turning off Smooth Scrolling in Divi doesn't solve the issue. I ask for help in Formidable Desk and the AI assistant said:

1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.
2. Paste the following code in the text area: .et_pb_fullwidth_header_0 .et_pb_fullwidth_header_container:before,
.et_pb_fullwidth_header_0 .et_pb_fullwidth_header_container:after {
content: none !important;
3. Click on Publish to save the changes.

This code will remove the pseudo elements that are causing the issue with the calendar view in Divi.

It didn't work either. Then I talked to a human in Formidable Desk and they asked me to explore my website, and they found that there is not working and they don't have a workaround for this in Divi.

They apologized, but left me without a solution.

Has anyone else found this issue? What do you recommend to solve this?  

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Julius hernándezJulius hernández answered 11 months ago
Well, never mind, I found a workaround. I implemented this JS code:
document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() {
  var previousLink = document.querySelector('a.frmcal-prev');
  var nextLink = document.querySelector('a.frmcal-next');
  if (previousLink) {
    previousLink.href = previousLink.href.replace(/#.*/, '');
  if (nextLink) {
    nextLink.href = nextLink.href.replace(/#.*/, '');
  This script removes the #frmcal-1411 part (1411 in my case, is the id of my Calendar view) of the links, and transforms them from:   https://mysite.com/calendar/?frmcal-year=2023&frmcal-month=04#frmcal-1411 to: https://mysite.com/calendar/?frmcal-year=2023&frmcal-month=04   And with that, the issue is solved. I'm sharing in case that in the future anyone comes across to this problem.
Jared Elvidge replied 9 months ago

Thanks for sharing your solution Julius!

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