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By: Alan Kindree | Asked: 05/19/2023
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Alan KindreeAlan Kindree asked 11 months ago

Hi All Is there a plugin that will hide the menu on just one page? I am using the twenty nineteen theme.  Thanks Alan

Victor Font replied 11 months ago

Which menu? There are many

Alan KindreeAlan Kindree replied 11 months ago

on one page piratedivebar.com/dog the top menu

1 Answers
Alan KindreeAlan Kindree answered 11 months ago
.page-id-17832 #top-menu-nav {     display: none; } I tried to add this using the code snippets plugin, but something seems to be wrong
Victor Font replied 11 months ago

You have a couple of things going on.

First, you are targeting a non-existent element id. There is no element with an id called #top-menu-nav on that page. The menu id is #site-navigation.

Second, I would use a PHP script to inject the CSS on the page rather than loading it on every page.

This is how I would write the script:

if ( is_page( '17832' ) {
add_action('wp_head', 'hide_top_navigation');

function hide_top_navigation() {
echo PHP_EOL . "<style>
#site-navigation { display: none;};
</style>" . PHP_EOL;

Alan KindreeAlan Kindree replied 11 months ago

Thanks. I am going to paste that into the plugin called code snippets

Victor Font replied 11 months ago

I didn't test the code. It may need some tweaking. Let me know if it works.

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