Hiding/Deleting Entries by the Front End User

By: Will J | Asked: 09/14/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsHiding/Deleting Entries by the Front End User
Will J asked 7 months ago
Hello - I am in need of a button that allows the front end user to hide all other entries from a view when choosing a "winning" entry. I've created a short cut that shows the entry ID of the field per entry and have my little button all ready to go, but can't figure out how to make a function/script that only displays the specific entry selected by the user & hiding the rest. Even deleting the rest of the entries would be okay, if there is a reverse [deletelink] option. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 7 months ago
On the front end, you should be able to hide everything but the selected entry through jQuery. Loop through all the entries and use hide().
Victor Font replied 7 months ago

BTW, there is no reverse delete option. Once an entry is deleted from the database, it's gone for good. There's no recovery other than restoring from backup.

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