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By: NATE Qureshi | Asked: 02/29/2024
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NATE QureshiNATE Qureshi asked 4 months ago

I am getting values in four variables for some likertscale question as tey have just two question which may be have values like 1 to 4

field_id 172 = can have any values from 1 to 4
field_id 171 = can have any values from 1 to 4
field_id 170 = can have any values from 1 to 4
field_id 169 = can have any values from 1 to 4

I've created a 2 fields which is storing the highest and lowest value i.e

field id= 480 default value is Math.max([172],[171],[170],[169])
field id = 481 default value is Math.max([172],[171],[170],[169])

I want to show some text that what role it can be if values matches so let take 481

[frm-condition source=frm-math content="[481]" equals="[172]"]Integrator[/frm-condition]
[frm-condition source=frm-math content="[481]" equals="[171]"]Policy Advisor[/frm-condition]
[frm-condition source=frm-math content="[481]" equals="[170]"]Catalyst[/frm-condition]
[frm-condition source=frm-math content="[481]" equals="[169]"]Business Co-Leader[/frm-condition]


This works right and do show role as single text like Integrator BUT If all or some values are equal it show results like


How I can just want to have single text if values are equals

Please advise


1 Answers
Victor Font answered 4 months ago
I would probably do a calculation like this in jQuery so it executes in the browser and not on the server. You can use if/else conditionals with Formidable, but for me, it's easier to use jQuery.

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