HMRC Form - date range - before 1970

By: Terry Cassell | Asked: 03/28/2023
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Terry CassellTerry Cassell asked 1 year ago
Hi, I've created an HM Revenue & Customs Starter Checklist form which employers use to help with the correct assessment of tax on starting work here in the UK.  This has to include a date of birth field and it seems we can't use a date before 1-1-1970 Is there a fix / workaround for this please?
2 Answers
Victor Font answered 1 year ago
Change the year range on the datepicker options screen.
Terry CassellTerry Cassell answered 1 year ago
I tried an example, make a form with just a date input, set the year range to -60 and -50 real years 1963 to 1973.  Try to submit a 1968 date and it's saying in red Date is invalid, try again with 1973 and it works.  Formidable Forms Pro V6.1.2.
Victor Font replied 1 year ago

There's something else going on with your system. I just tested Formidable in my sandbox and entered a date of 03/28/1963 without issue. There's no error. If we can't duplicate the problem in our environment, it means something is probably preventing the datepicker from working properly in your system. If it were a bug with Formidable, there would be a lot more posts about it.

Terry CassellTerry Cassell replied 1 year ago

Thanks Victor, I just tried it on a fresh install, it's fine. I'll pull the other site apart till I find what is causing it.

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