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By: Lisa Thrower | Asked: 05/11/2023
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Lisa ThrowerLisa Thrower asked 12 months ago

Hi all, I currently have a cloud account on Siteground for a site that uses formidable extensively. There are some fairly heavy load queries, which had been working (slowly), but are now timing out completely (time out currently set at 5mins).  Reading around, it sounds like Siteground isn't as good as it once was, so I thought I would see if anyone has a host they would recommend for more complex formidable-based sites, which put a fairly heavy query load on the database. Having a data centre in the UK is a bonus as well. Thanks, Lisa

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Victor Font answered 12 months ago
Changing hosts may not provide the extra performance boost you desire. I tend to write my own queries or use SQL views to improve performance. For Views, you can use your own query in the frm_view_order filter. When building a view, the entire purpose of a custom query is to return a list of entry ids that meet your criteria, then Formidable does the rest. I also use custom queries to filter dynamic dropdowns for search forms so they only show values that are actually used in the main data set. I have a dedicated server running MariaDB.
Lisa ThrowerLisa Thrower replied 12 months ago

I have a memory of you mentioning MariaDB before and it sounded good. I'm walking a bit of a tightrope as I I've already used lots of custom code and if I go down the route of taking more functionality out of the core software it will completely move it out of the realms of what colleagues can pick up if I'm unexpectedly unavailable... Having said that, I do know I'm asking a lot of the software and we probably need to make some fundamental changes to allow us to carry on. At the moment, the issues are actively impacting colleagues' ability to do their jobs so I need to do something. Thanks for your input - helpful as always!

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