How to access attributes in display-frm-data shortcode

By: Andrew Christensen | Asked: 05/10/2024
ForumsCategory: General questionsHow to access attributes in display-frm-data shortcode
Andrew Christensen asked 2 weeks ago
I've added the following to a page:

[display-frm-data id=354 county="San Diego" industry="Advanced Manufacturing"] In the view I can easily enough filter by the county field using [get param=county]. But the industry is more complicated beause there's 7 columns that have to be checked.

In other pages, it's simple enough to just use the $_REQUEST params and not put any attributes in the shortcode. But in this particular use case, I don't have any uri params to use. So, how do I get the attribute values when I use `frm_view_order` or frm_where_filter functions?  
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Victor Font answered 2 weeks ago
I don't understand you question. What attribute values? What exactly are you trying to do?
Andrew Christensen replied 2 weeks ago

In the example shortcode I posted above `[display-frm-data id=354 county="San Diego" industry="Advanced Manufacturing"]` the attributes are `county` and `industry`.

When I add the filters `frm_view_order` or `frm_where_filter` I can't figure out how to get the value of `county` and `industry`. They aren't uri request params.

Victor Font replied 2 weeks ago

You still use the [get param] shortcode.

Andrew Christensen replied 2 weeks ago

How do I use that inside the PHP code? I'm needing to take the value of `industry` and query a particular column. I was trying to follow the examples you gave for the `frm_view_order` which worked very well when I have uri request params because in PHP I can get the values using $_REQUEST. But that doesn't work when the params are added as attributes and not in the URI.

In this project, I have 7 possible industries, each with it's own field in the database. What I need to do is get the value of `industry` and then get the entries where the county form field equals the `county` attribute and where the form field for the value of `industry` is greater than 0. In the example above, this would be the field for "Advanced Manufacturing".

I could in the filters for the view select the "Advanced Manufacturing" field and set it to gte to 1 but then that view would only work for that one industry so I'd need to have a separate view built for each industry which is what I'm trying to avoid.

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