How to add HTML ID to submit button page 1

By: Marko Myllymäki | Asked: 11/07/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsHow to add HTML ID to submit button page 1
Marko Myllymäki asked 6 months ago
Hi! I have two page form and I need to add an unique id to page 1 submit button. How can I do that? This is to hook Burst Statistics or other events to that button.  Code looks like this at the moment and I cannot find a way to add id="myuniqueid" in the HTML... <div class="frm_submit">
<button class="frm_button_submit" type="submit" formnovalidate="formnovalidate">Next</button>
2 Answers
Victor Font answered 6 months ago
You can add an ID to the button HTML on the form's Customize HTML page.
Marko Myllymäki answered 6 months ago
Thanks! I found only one html box for submit buttons. How can I put the ID only for the first button (on multi page form)? See the pic: 

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