How to associate images with data sets (i.e. entries)?

By: Michael Wuerfel | Asked: 10/31/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsHow to associate images with data sets (i.e. entries)?
Michael Wuerfel asked 6 months ago
Hello there, I want to create a listing of data with some images to each set of data. I am not a programmer, I just use Wordpress and plugins to try to get to where I want to go. Seems possible with the Formidable Views feature by importing my data as csv (it originates in MS Access, but I manage to export it as csv) and creating a view. My question is: How to get images to my data? There's the "import file" checkbox in the import tab, but how would Formidable Forms ever know which image file to associate to which data set and where would I specify the location of the image files? There's this neat video at where at minute 3:00 an image shortcode is inserted - ok, but where does the image come from??? I thought ok, if images can't be bulk imported, I will manually add them to my entries. I added a file upload field to my entries and when I "edit" an entry, I can upload a file, and when I create a view, I have an image upload shortcode available. Inserting this in views does not make it show the uploaded image. So, I'm puzzled. How to get multiple images into the FF database that are associated to their respective data sets? Thanks for any suggestions!!!

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