How to create a Personality Type Quiz?

By: Tom Wood | Asked: 05/19/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsHow to create a Personality Type Quiz?
Tom Wood asked 11 months ago
We are new to Formidable forms and don’t quite understand the Quiz Scoring module. 

We want to create a quiz that will result in one of four types and not sure how that scoring would work. 

The quiz would look at the number of A), B), C), and D) answers and whichever has the most selected would be the Type result. 

Any help is appreciated    Tom    
2 Answers
Victor Font answered 11 months ago
I would probably use hidden fields to keep a running total of the answer selections, then display the winner in the results. See this:
Tom Wood replied 11 months ago

Thanks, Victor. I'll look into this and post here if it works or not.

Tom Wood answered 11 months ago
Turns out it's called "An Outcome Quiz" and instructions are here.   Thanks for your help, Victor.   And thanks AI Assistant for the answer.    Tom   P.S. We love that this company is so AI-forward. 

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