How to have cleaning services with Extras options and more

By: Alec Pavone | Asked: 01/15/2024
ForumsCategory: General questionsHow to have cleaning services with Extras options and more
Alec Pavone asked 4 months ago

I'm building a site for a cleaning company and they would like several "dynamic" forms. Attached is the link of a competitor, the idea would be to do the same thing initially.


The form is quite complex for a beginner like me, you should have a first option to choose between a single cleaning, weekly, every 2 weeks, every month, or once a month. Then choose the desired cleaning time with extras such as cleaning the fridge or cleaning the windows by specifying the number. All additional services have a duration which must be added to the basic cleaning time. Finally to have a date selector and a checkout with customer information and card payment.


The appointment must be automatically placed on Google calendar with SMS reminder to the customer 1 day before the date (zapier), payment would be a pre-payment validated once the service has been carried out (stripe)


Q: Is it possible to do all this with Formidable? If so, do you have any ideas to help me?





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