How to roll back to a previous version of an add-on

By: Amanda Stagg | Asked: 05/15/2024
ForumsCategory: General questionsHow to roll back to a previous version of an add-on
Amanda Stagg asked 2 weeks ago
Can any one point me in the direction of where previous versions of add-ons are stored? I seem to be having an issue with the latest version of Visual Views (I see from a different question there appears to be a bug). In my account when I login to FF, I see there are options to download previous versions of the main plugin, but I don't see anywhere to download previous versions of the add-ons.  Thanks! 
Michael ClarkMichael Clark replied 2 weeks ago

There's no way unless you can get FF Support to give you a specific download. The View update for the Calndar functionality feels rushed. It's features don't seem ready, and it breaks the Visual Views functionality. Boo.

1 Answers
Natalia RelishNatalia Relish answered 1 week ago
You can check the official website or the developer's page to see if they have an archive of earlier versions.

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