HTTP 500 Error when Editing Entries

By: Isabelle Pryde | Asked: 04/22/2024
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Isabelle Pryde asked 1 month ago
Hi Everyone,  I am getting a HTTP 500 error when trying to edit entries from both the front end and the back end. (more often from the front end but the back end is also really slow) We have tried all sorts of things to find out what is causing this including Disabling plugins Creating new forms with minimal entries increasing the max_input_vars PHP variable to 5000 And I am still getting this error across all forms. My hosting is with SiteGround Has anyone else had this issue and has found a solution?   Thank you so much!  
2 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 1 month ago

Is your web browser reporting any errors or are you only getting the 500 page?

To determine if the issue you are experiencing is due to theme or plugin conflicts, follow the steps below.

Deactivate all plugins except Formidable (deactivate addons too).
Remove all custom code, including PHP and Javascript.
Switch to the default WordPress theme.
Update Formidable to the current version, if it isn't already.
Update WordPress to the current version, if it isn't already.
Clear all caching on your site and in your browser.
If you use a service like CloudFlare, put it in developer mode while testing.

Isabelle Pryde replied 1 month ago

Thanks so much for your reply, I am just getting the error page. Thank you so much. I did try this on a staging site and initially managed to resolve the issue, however the following day the issue was back (on the staging site although nothing had changed) so weird

Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 1 month ago
Have you set up WordPress debugging to find out if there's an error getting logged? It might be something really simple.

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