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By: Adeem Syed | Asked: 11/24/2023
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Adeem Syed asked 5 months ago
We have been experiencing an issue with our HubSpot integration, particularly concerning the way data from our Formidable form plugin is processed.
The challenge arises in the "References" section of our form, where the details of the first reference are overwriting the primary contact details such as email, name, and number. Strangely, the second reference remains unaffected.

I also tried creating new properties so I can map them accordingly but some of those new properties do not populate in formidable.    These are the sections on the form. The issue occurs on the reference section.    When a contact enters the primary details in the first personal details. It gets overwritten in the references section, even though it is not intended to be overwritten. Like how it's shown below 

  Now if you see the screenshot below, the references section you see here, the fields for the first reference person gets overwritten while the data for second reference person is not affected and actually gets mapped correctly.  Great if someone can help out.       
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 5 months ago
Without looking at your site, I'm not sure how anyone can help with field mapping,especially if you are using custom Hubspot fields. Everything needs to be examined and checked for accuracy. If you don't see errors in your browser console or PHP error logs, you should probably open a ticket with Strategy 11. Community volunteer developers are probably not going to look at your site without a paid engagement.

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