I am not getting some of the messages left on my website

By: Lab Pleiadian | Asked: 02/15/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsI am not getting some of the messages left on my website
Lab Pleiadian asked 1 year ago
Hello everybody and thank you for you help. I am 100% new to this and I need help. I have installed a basic version of formidable forms on my website (Divi) and for some time now, I have realized that there are some of the messages left on my website that are not forwarded to me by email. So if I don't check regularly directly on my the Formidable entries on my website, there are some clients' messages that I don't get. And this is baaaaaad. Have you heard of that ? My friend has the same issue with her website too Divi too). Can you help me and hint me towards the solution, please ? Thank you very much for your help. Lab
1 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 1 year ago

Start here: https://formidableforms.com/wordpress-not-sending-emails-smtp/

If your mail host is sending them to spam, that's a different story you'll have to work out with them.

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