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By: Rudi JvR | Asked: 03/10/2024
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Rudi JvR asked 1 month ago

I  have 2 forms:

  1. to capture entries
  2. to upload images with details related to the files uploaded ( i.e. dates and source detail of photos )

Users can use the 2nd Upload form to upload single or multiple files related to entries from the 1st form, the relation is based on a custom unique ID.  The File Upload field is also part of a Repeater field allowing users to Upload batches of files with attributes specific to each Repeated batch.  

I've been trying to develop a FF View to pull and display all uploaded files into a Grid.  The problem I'm having is that the files are listed by Entry_ID, and not individually. In other words Repeater and Multiple File Uploads are "grouped" and displayed in the same Grid Cell on my view.

How can I retrieve the images based on the Custom ID, as I think this is a possible solution to listing all images related to the Custom ID regardless of the Entry_ID through which it was loaded/created. 

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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