in an empty lookup field, have the option to add new

By: Martin Splinter | Asked: 05/31/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsin an empty lookup field, have the option to add new
Martin Splinter asked 11 months ago
Is it possible to create the following:   create a couple of forms, without any entries. In 1 form create a lookup that looks up in a form without entries, but instead of returning nothing give the user (or admin) the option to add new value, preferably in a pop up?

It will make app creation way much more fast and easy and does not require the user to open the other form in a new tab, fill it in, close the tab, refresh the original tab and lookup again
Rudi JvR replied 10 months ago

This would open up so many options! I have a similar question on the forum and apparently this is not a requested feature for FF.

1 Answers
Martin Splinter answered 10 months ago
I also created a ticket with ff and they said it would be noted as feature request. However I have had a few of those answers before, without results   I do think it would be a big improvement for sure

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