Integrating External API Data into WordPress Posts

By: Eric Toffey | Asked: 11/05/2023
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Eric Toffey asked 6 months ago
Hello, We've been utilizing Formidable Business for our WordPress site and are interested in expanding its functionality. Specifically, we're looking to integrate data from an external database (containing employee details like names, emails, and headshots) into our WordPress posts using custom fields. While we've successfully created a form that captures this information manually, we're wondering if Formidable Forms allows for automatic data pulling from an external source through an API. Can Formidable Forms facilitate this process, or is there a workaround you would recommend? Thank you for your assistance.
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Victor Font answered 6 months ago
What's the external database? Does the external database have an API endpoint that allows for pull requests in JSON/REQUEST/RESPONSE formats? Typically, Formidable's API is designed to work with forms to send data to another form or database that has an endpoint that accepts JSON. Both WordPress and PHP have classes that allow for API integration. If you have to use ODBC or JDBC, you can still do it, but it requires custom code.

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