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By: Ronnie H | Asked: 01/04/2023
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Ronnie H asked 1 year ago

Hello using the code below I was able to successfully add row counter to my view.   



add_filter('frm_display_entry_content', 'frm_get_row_num', 20, 7); function frm_get_row_num($new_content, $entry, $shortcodes, $display, $show, $odd, $atts){ if ( $display->ID == 169 ) { if ( isset($_GET['frm-page-' . $display->ID]) ) { $page_num = absint( $_GET['frm-page-' . $display->ID] ); $page_size = $display->frm_page_size; $prev_total = ($page_num - 1) * $page_size; $current_count = $atts['count'] + $prev_total; $new_content = str_replace('[row_num]', $current_count, $new_content); } else { $new_content = str_replace('[row_num]', $atts['count'], $new_content); } } return $new_content; }  



By default he numbers go from 1-10 for example, how do I invert the counter to show 10-1? Thanks 

1 Answers
Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 1 year ago
Can you set the view to order by the number column, descending?  Use the "Sort Entries" option on the main page of the view.
Ronnie H replied 1 year ago

Thanks for the response,

When doing this "Sort Entries" only the entries change not the row # I have tried this.

Ronnie H replied 1 year ago

Descending entries goes to the top of the list but row# still reads 1.

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 1 year ago

Wait, you mean you want the row numbers to change dynamically when you sort them?

Ronnie H replied 1 year ago


Ronnie H replied 1 year ago

Either that or sort in descending order and just have the row numbers fixed in descending order for right now until we come up with a better solution.

Ronnie H replied 1 year ago

Hey Rob Thanks this is no longer needed I figured out a different solution.

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