Is it possible to merge or link forms into a single form?

By: Chris Watkins | Asked: 08/03/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsIs it possible to merge or link forms into a single form?
Chris Watkins asked 9 months ago

Hi I am building a fairly large and complex form with multiple branches, at about 350 fields and 15 pages it has become far too slow to edit, also, logically it would be better to have it in sections that could be combined as required. I looked at the embed forms option, however, the limitations (no repeaters, no pages) make this unusable. So, the question: Is it possible to either,

  1. Merge several forms into a single form - for example by exporting as XML and combining into a new file for import, or
  2. Link/daisy-chain several individual forms into a single contiguous form

Many thanks in advance.

1 Answers
Victor Font answered 9 months ago
Yes and no. To do something like this, you would have to use Formidable hooks in the partial forms to transfer the data to the congregated form, but it's quite complicated because you'd have different entry ids, field ids, and field keys. This requires very well designed and tested custom code. It may take a developer a day or to work out the details. You would also have to remain aware that any changes to one of the partial forms may require custom code updates to keep things in sync. If you're comfortable with PHP and really know Formidable's internals, this shouldn't be too difficult. If you hire a developer, you may need to invest up to $2.5K USD into the project.
Chris Watkins replied 9 months ago

Hi - thanks for your answer.

I'd rather avoid custom code and all that.

Is it possible to merge two forms that have been exported by XML into a single form?

Looking at the XML it seems possible, though is there a guide or document on this anywhere?

Thanks in advance.

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