is there a way roll back to a previous version of a form

By: DC Site | Asked: 01/18/2024
ForumsCategory: General questionsis there a way roll back to a previous version of a form
DC Site asked 4 months ago
Help!!! While using a pretty large form with root line and many dynamic dropdowns, I tried to move a specific dynamic field to the top of the form. After moving it, I updated the form and a red message popped out  "You do not have permission to do that" I double checked I was signed in, which I was, and tried to update again. This time the form updated successfully but it deleted the field I had moved and every page except the 1st one. 8 pages were deleted in an instant, without anyone clicking delete on anything. Is there any way to roll back to a previous version of the form? 
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Victor Font replied 4 months ago

No. Only if you've backed up your database. You'd have to do a restore.

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