issue with frm-entry-update-field

By: Doug Phillips | Asked: 06/29/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsissue with frm-entry-update-field
Doug Phillips asked 10 months ago
We have several forms where we use frm-entry-update-field to provide a simple link to update the status to to Archive in a view.  I have built new forms and this functionality it not working.  Here is the example of the code I am adding to a table column. [frm-entry-update-field id=[id] field_id=993 value="Archived" label="Archive" message="Entry Archived"] It is as if Formidable doesn't recognize it, i can put text before and after or a hyperlink and it shows in the column of the table.     As i mentioned we have this built on many other forms but any new form this doesn't work in the view.   I have tried duplicating the form ,  Import and Export and creating from scratch.    
Victor Font replied 10 months ago

Is "Allow front-editing of entries" enabled on the form? It's a requirement for this shortcode.

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