Layout messed up after plugin updates

By: Oliver Osswald | Asked: 12/05/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsLayout messed up after plugin updates
Oliver OsswaldOliver Osswald asked 4 months ago
I have a few DIVI sites where the layout got messed up after updating FF plugins:
  • Formidable Bootstrap ( 1.03 -> 2.0 )
  • Formidable Forms ( 6.5.4 -> 6.6 )
  • Formidable Forms Pro ( 6.5.4 -> 6.6 )
Mainly it seems to be an issue with paddings. I can see it in the DIVI menu and also in tables, used in Views (See attached screenshots). Did anyone notice such a thing? Could it be a bug in the new plugins? Currently I'm not updating the productive DIVI sites, I see the issue only on the test sites.

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