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By: Asheley Bailey | Asked: 01/08/2023
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Asheley Bailey asked 1 year ago
Good day!   I have a table view that is cut off when viewed on my portrait-oriented monitors. It is responsive per the "Make table responsive" option but the portrait monitors are larger than that size and thus do not trigger the responsiveness. Is there a way to add a bottom scroll bar to the table or adjust the responsiveness. I'd prefer the scroll bar but understand this may be a tall order.   Thanks everyone!   BTW this is the best Wordpress Plugin. It's quickly becoming the backbone of my entire site. 
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Asheley Bailey answered 1 year ago
<div  style="overflow-x:auto;">
Victor Font answered 1 year ago
The answer to your question probably lies in your own CSS skills. I'm not quite sure what you mean when you say "the portrait monitors are larger than that size and thus do not trigger the responsiveness." What is "that size" and how did you determine this dimension? No matter what "this size" means, This suggests that your CSS media queries may not be set for your specific needs, which appear to be unique to your environment. CSS media queries in a commercial product like Formidable will never be able to meet all specific needs out of the box. Formidable functions in a BIG world and the number of use cases it will encounter in real life are enormous. This is why developers code for common ground issues. As for your need, do you know how to use your browser's inspection tool? If not, look it up in your browser help. The inspection will help you pinpoint the CSS classes that affect your screen width. You can test new CSS values and adjust the screen width to your liking. When everything meets your needs, copy the classes and new values to the Formidable Custom CSS area. If you need help, you can find highly competent Formidable Developers in the Formidable Masterminds Developers Directory. https://formidable-masterminds/developers-directory/.
Asheley Bailey replied 1 year ago

Hi Victor,

I was referring to the screen listed on the Table Settings in Formidable View. It states each column will become a full row when browser size is smaller than 760px.

That being said. I added this code to the Before Content area and it gave me the scroll bar I needed.

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