Lightbox image should send to a request a quote form

By: Anique Venema - de Jong | Asked: 10/23/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsLightbox image should send to a request a quote form
Anique Venema - de Jong asked 6 months ago
I'm working on a photography website for a client. There are a multiple categories which shows a bunch om images, when you click on a image, the image is shown in a lightbox. The idea is, that when you are in the lightbox, by each of the images, there should be an button available to request a quote form. To buy a photo and have different options/fields. They need to give all the address information, but also need to choose what size and what kind of material they want the photo. Hopefully somebody can help me further with this, and can you give me an estimate of time/costs?  
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 6 months ago
Instead of lightbox, can you use the Modal add-on and display the image and form in the same window?
Anique Venema - de Jong replied 6 months ago

Hi Sorry, I just saw your response. Thank you for your reply.
Do you maybe have an example of this?
I need to send the caption or title name of the image with the form.
It should show in a gallery, then they click on it, they need the possibility to fill in the form and send this, with the image name

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