Limiting number of checked boxes in Dynamic field

By: Julius hernández | Asked: 06/28/2022
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Julius hernándezJulius hernández asked 2 years ago

According to this JS code, I can limit the number of checked boxes in a Checkbox field.




<script type="text/javascript">


var limit = 3;// Change 3 to your limit


var checkbox_num = $("input[name='item_meta[364][]']:checked").length;

if ( checkbox_num > limit ) {

this.checked = false;








And it works well, even there is a built-in mode to accomplish this.
But it does not work however in the checkboxes mode of a Dynamic field. I tried even changing "input" by "select", but it keeps failing. Unfortunately, checkboxes mode of Dyn fields has not a Limit selection option.
What's the secret here? Not referencing it correctly?

(EDIT: I tried to change this question to Code Help editing it but I couldn't.)


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