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By: claire Hughes | Asked: 05/05/2024
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claire Hughes asked 2 months ago
Hi, i'm having some problems importing a CSV file to use as the basis for my quote calculator form. I have a simple spreadsheet showing the cost of transport (cell values) based on delivery postcode (column 1) and weight of goods (row 1). Please see photo. When I try to upload the file, there isn't a field available to select for each weight in row 1. Hope that makes sense! 🙂 There are 95 different delivery postcodes (column 1) and 22 weight options (row 1) Thanks v much for any help available  
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 2 months ago
The image is unreadable and I have no idea what you mean by there isn't a field available to select for each weight in row 1. You have to create the fields on the form to receive the data.
claire Hughes replied 2 months ago

thanks Victor! sorry it isn't very clear. the problem is there are 2300 cells of data. i'm not sure this idea of mine is really going to work, sadly. the customer basically needs to choose the product out of 4 which each have a set price per 1100kg. then they need to select the quantity they want in multiples of 1100kg....up to 24200kg. then they need to select their postcode area. the latter determines the transport price based on the quantity and area. I was hoping the lookup function might work but i'm not sure anymore

Victor Font replied 2 months ago

A lookup or dynamic field is exactly what you need to use, but how you design the lookup table is critical to the functionality. I can't even begin to suggest how to do that without seeing the data.

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