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By: Craig Schneider | Asked: 03/18/2024
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Craig SchneiderCraig Schneider asked 4 weeks ago
We would like to add a logo (uploaded file) to the top of an outgoing invoice. The invoice is created when a user submits a Transaction in the \"Transaction Form\" the invoice is created as a pdf view. We would like the \"Transaction Form - View PDF\" to use a logo that we upload in a different form called \"User\'s Form\" the field is an \"Upload File Field\" named \"Invoice Letterhead Logo\" in the \"USERS\" Form (ID 2909). We tried a couple things: We added a \"Text Field\" to the \"Transaction\" Form (ID 2929) Named \"Invoice Letterhead Logo\" - Advanced Lookup Default Value - \"USERS\" - \"Invoice Letterhead Logo\" - Watching \"Primary Agent\" (that is selected on the Transaction Form while filling it out). This field seems to work and provides a result, example the 1st logo we uploaded to the users provided a result of 609 and the 2nd logo provided a result of 615. We added an \"Upload File Field\" named \"Invoice Letterhead Logo 2\" (ID2938) and in the Advanced - Default Value field we have tried a bunch of unsuccessful things. Here are the results: [2929] when this was entered it just showed [2929] in the space where the logo should be. We tried a bunch of shortcodes without any result, the only thing that semi-worked was when added: into the Default Value Field... now this only worked after we submitted a dud transaction form first, and if you change the logo you would need to do the same. So we are close yet maybe so far away, any tips are more than appriciated. Thanks!        

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