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By: Zixuan Guo | Asked: 05/17/2023
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Zixuan Guo asked 11 months ago
Hi, There are 3 forms. The first one is create category form, I use Text field to have some entries which are categories. The second one is create item form, i need to entries item with a dynamic dropdown to choose the categories in the first form, which means that the each categories can have multi items. The third form i need to have two dropdown, one is to choose the category, the second one is to choose items under this chosen category. So i use 2 lookup field in this form, the first one is choose category which is reference from the dynamic dropdown. When i preview, the dropdown options are become numbers rather than category text. I know the reason is the data in looking up field is from a Dynamic field in Formidable Forms. Dynamic fields store their values as entry IDs (which are numbers) rather than the actual text. I want to know how to make the lookup field display the text. Thanks in advance.
Rudi JvR replied 11 months ago

Valid question - I would also like to know how to do this!

Ian Houston replied 5 months ago

Another option would be to be able to get the ID through a lookup but I am struggling to see a way to do that as well.

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