Lookup field problem

By: Andrea Ferrari | Asked: 03/19/2024
ForumsCategory: General questionsLookup field problem
Andrea Ferrari asked 1 month ago
I created a form with three fields, the first is a text field, the second and third are fields enclosed in a repeater.
The first field defines a value, the second field is a value that I take from a series of data, the third value is a unique value of the second field.
I import the data as specified in the repeater (enclosed in quotes).
I create a form that collects data with 3 lookup fields.
By selecting the first value, without activating filters I obtain the defined value, on the second field by filtering for the first value I obtain only the values defined for that field (the second), if in the third field I set the filter for the second value I do not obtain any results, if I filter by the first value I get all the values for the third field and not the specific and unique value for that field.

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