Mailchimp Add-On - slow response time

By: Korey McMurtrey | Asked: 02/16/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsMailchimp Add-On - slow response time
Korey McMurtrey asked 1 year ago

Hi. We have a site that is using Formidable Forms Pro with the Mailchimp add-on. When a form is submitted by a user, it is correctly sending the user's info to our list in Mailchimp. However, this process is very slow, usually waiting on the server response for 20-25 seconds. This occurs across different environments (local, staging, and prod) and occurs whether the user is logged in to the site or not.

Is there anything we can do to speed up how long it takes to send the data to Mailchimp? Or even anywhere we can get more info about what exactly is taking so long?

This is an example page, with the form in the top section:


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