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By: B W | Asked: 09/08/2023
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B W asked 8 months ago
Hi, im new to Formidable forms and want to do the following: I have a form in which i add shifts, they are the entries.  Then in views i can see all those added entries, great.  What i want to be able to do is have users thee the shift entries on front end, and apply for them. Seperately or multiple at once. So for example a user can click a button or something behind an entry that sends a mail to apply for that entry or entries. But i dont know how. Then i thought maybe make a for with a repeater field that users can select shift entries there and apply there by submitting that form. But i cant seem to get shift entries to show so that they can be selected. How can i do that? Help is greatly appreciated!!! Thanks in advance
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Victor Font answered 8 months ago
You need to enable front end editing:
B W replied 8 months ago

But i dont see how that makes it possible for me to let them select entries from a list, to them send that selection with a new form?

Victor Font replied 8 months ago

I don't understand why your design uses a second form. Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't understand the need for a second form.

B W replied 7 months ago

I cant think of another way to do it? Or am i missing something? How would you accomplish;

Form1 takes entrys about working shifts, they are then visible in a view 'open shifts'.

How do i make it so that users can apply for a shift? If they apply to a shift the shift has to disappear from the open list and a mail should be automatically sent to admin providing the applicant name and the shift.

Then the admin can approve the shift and a mail should be sent to user saying your shift is approved.

How would you do this??

Victor Font replied 7 months ago

I'm very familiar with shift picking. I wouldn't use two forms, I'd only use one using a repeater to display available open shifts. Instead of a view, I would allow the user to edit the form. Show all fields as disabled except for a checkbox that says "Pick this shift". The user clicks the checkbox and submits the form where conditional logic takes over and send the email. When you display the form to the next user, user conditional logic to show only available shifts.

B W replied 7 months ago

Thanks for your answer, this is what i tried at first. Only problem is how do i make a random checkbox sent the whole entry to my email? Im not able to yet. Its just a static thing that i cant click? Then i thought i will let them change post status from open to and let that alert my email. That works but you cant select multiple shifts at once.

Also, what do you mean with the repeater? It now shows all shifts in a view. Is there another way to view them? Thanks in advance!

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