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By: samy raimé | Asked: 08/14/2023
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samy raimé asked 8 months ago
Hello Formidable Forms Community, I've been encountering an issue with Formidable Forms, I think is related to JavaScript conflicts that seem to affect the editing of form entries. When trying to edit certain form entries, I'm experiencing a JavaScript error that prevents the editing functionality from working properly. The error message I'm seeing is ( An invalid form control with name='item_meta[456]' is not focusable. <input type="number" id="field_stvvl3" name="item_meta[450]" value="149.21" data-invmsg="Taux de change is invalid" aria-invalid="false" min="0" max="9999999" step="1"> )
Interestingly, I've noticed that when I remove the fields that are affected by this error, the problem disappears and I can edit form entries without any issues.
Any guidance or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you
Bobby Clapp replied 8 months ago

The FF team recently did some updates for form controls relative to tabbing and such. Have you reported this with them?

Victor Font replied 8 months ago

The error message is not for the number field. The number field name is item_meta[450] and the error is for item_meta[456]. These are different fields. Are there any other errors in the browser console?

Also, I agree with Bobby. If you''re getting a mixed message like this, there's something wrong on your site. You should open a ticket with Strategy 11. You need someone to take a look at your setup.

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