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By: Eric Gurry | Asked: 12/16/2022
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Eric Gurry asked 1 year ago
I have a pie chart that is built via shortcode from the responses in a Formidable field.  It contains a legend at the bottom of the graph.  There are too many slices in the pie to fit in a single-row legend, so Formidable inserts an arrow in the legend to display the rest of the slice names.  But I would prefer that the legend stretch across as many rows as necessary to show all slice names.  Is that possible?  A screenshot is attached, and here is the shortcode: [frm-graph fields="212" type="pie" pie_hole=".4" title="" title_size="0" show_key="1" legend_position="bottom" height="600" 397_contains="SUYT"]
1 Answers
Eric Gurry answered 1 year ago
Answer from Formidable support: multi-row legends are not possible.  But you can make the legend text smaller (i.e., legend_size="10") and/or make the chart wider (i.e., width="1200").

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