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By: claire Hughes | Asked: 04/30/2024
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claire Hughes asked 2 months ago
Hi, i'm new to Formidable and struggling to find a way to organise the shipping cost on my price quote calculator form. There are 95 post code areas, each with a different cost per tonne for delivery. The 95 areas could potentially be split into 5-6 zones but ideally not. 

Is the only option to manually list all 95 post codes, with a single value per tonne applied to each one? 

Any other ideas gratefully received!

ps another question - how would I use the add-on quote to pdf feature? Can it be added to the end of the form? 
1 Answers
Bobby Clapp answered 2 months ago
Looking at it from the business case perspective.... If the internal team is entering the shipping costs, you'll need to study and implement lookup fields to do this with having the zones as a cascading field to the 95 postcodes. If the customer is expected to select their delivery zone, you'll need some sort of visual to help them determine what zone they are in and then just have something like 90210-1, 90210-2 as drop-down field options and assign the shipping costs to those manually through separate values.

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