Need help with collapsible sections in Calendar view

By: Jason Ryan | Asked: 09/22/2023
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Jason Ryan asked 7 months ago

Ive tried JS and pure CSS but the calendar view isnt showing my collapsible sections (well it is but they don't collapse) Does anyone know a work around. I realise it might be my theme thats the issue (Salient) but Im struggling to get any collapsible section to work. I thought Id cracked it, as my Salient theme has a shortcode for creating collapsible sections . . . but they dont work on Galaxy Tablets so I cant use that unfortunately Anyone know specific code that works with Calendar view for collapsible sections that also works on Galaxy Tablets?  

1 Answers
Victor Font answered 7 months ago
I don't understand how you want to use collapsible sections in a Calendar view. A calendar view is a fixed HTML table element. There are ways to collapse a HTML table row, but your options are limited. Also, if your jQuery isn't working, check your console for errors.
Jason Ryan replied 7 months ago

Hi Victor, given a calendar view has 28 - 31 tables in it (days in the month), it limits the amount of information that can be reasonably displayed within a day section within the month view. A popup section or a collapsible section within each day allows the month view to display additional information for the individual days whilst keeping the viewer on the month view page. I've eventually used my theme (Salient) collapsible shortcode and it works in most browsers and devices. I hope this clarifies things for you

Victor Font replied 7 months ago

You may be better off using a popup or hover display in an HTML table.

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