new stlying feature is not correct

By: Matt Grimes | Asked: 02/23/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsnew stlying feature is not correct
Matt Grimes asked 1 year ago
1. i just got an email with the form styling - my form bg was green so was the emails .. that was wrong 2. you can create a new style per form, it does nothing to click new style 3. you can not apply any boiler plate styles to any form, it just reverts back to your main form style and turns off formidable default   if you turn on the function to keep the form tabs open, it breaks the admin panel any one else have any tips i would like to style 1 form in green, and another in black .. just not possible without writing my own css
Steve WellsSteve Wells replied 1 year ago

I'm not seeing this behavior. I can create two different styles and assign/apply them to various forms.

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