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By: Tom Stevenson | Asked: 06/20/2022
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Tom Stevenson asked 2 years ago
I am the chairman of The Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships and our website ( uses WordPress Formidable forms to add our customers' entries to a database, which we then add our results, and this involves both uploading & downloading of data via Excel spreadsheet. Sometimes there are problems, such as [a] the download not downloading special characters or accented letters into the Excel file properly; or [b] we need to add, remove or amend something on ours forms; or [c] we need to remove all the entry data from every customer after one year's competition without losing any of the accounts or the customers' passwords;  and we have had to wait for the firm that maintains our website because we are not their biggest, most lucrative or highest priority customer. I understad this: all companies have different priorities. However, those waits have been detrimental to our own operation, so I need to limit the downtime during such situations. I would like our financial directors, whose duties cover these Formidable operations, to learn sufficient about Formidable and its procedures so that she can handle such difficulties in-house in future, if necessary. Is anyone capable and willing of providing suitable one-to-one training, either locally (Bristol area), which would be our preference, or online?

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Victor Font answered 2 years ago
Thanks for your question but other than [a], the rest of your concerns are difficult to answer without a more complete understanding of your data and design. Question [a] sounds like your character encoding isn't correct, either in the database or in the export process. You can use the frm_csv_format filter hook to change the character encoding of the export. If the character encoding is incorrect in the database, you need your database administrator to make the change. Question [b], "we need to add, remove or amend something on ours forms;" puzzles me and speaks directly to your design. These are standard built-in form functions. I have no idea without seeing what you've built why these basic functions aren't working for you. [c] can be done through an automated process that can be triggered with a button or a server cron job. Again, this is directly related to your design. As far as the resource availability to make changes on your site, have you discussed retainer options with guaranteed response times? I have clients I support on retainers. A retainer works just as a retainer at a law firm. You pay for a specified # of hours each month to support your application, If you need help, the hours are paid in advance. You pay additional fees if the work required in a specific time period exceeds the retainer allotment. If you don't need help in a specific month, the hours do not roll over. Most of the developers I know that answer questions in these forums are based globally. Chris from FDM is in the U.K. I know he's very busy, but may have the bandwidth to chat with you.. My suggestion is to search the Masterminds Developers Directory for a resource that can help you.

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