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By: Doug Boltson | Asked: 04/18/2023
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Doug Boltson asked 12 months ago
I just installed the Lite version for the first time. But I cannot operate this plugin, since the words are missing — I only see initial letters.   Take a look at the attached  . . . What's going on?    
Larry Kolinek replied 12 months ago

Hi, I don't know the specific answer to your question ... HOWEVER 🙂
FF (formidable forms) does offer 14 days or money back.

if time is valuable to you, then just get the version you need.

PS. I can list out the things that bug me about FF and really any software or service...
but I've been using FF for 10 plus years. It is very solid. Its features are better than many other form builders.

I'm just saying: struggling due to the free version is something no one has time to do.

PSS. IMO, the learning curve for the most standard form stuff should be small.

Doug Boltson replied 12 months ago

Thanks, Larry! I'm planning to [re]build a relational database for a small nonprofit — tracking members (with contact info), annual dues (with reporting of the organization's total revenue, by year) as well as classes and certificates each member took / received.

I'm not sure which FF version handles relational tasks, but I thought I'd start with the free one. Which seems to be bombing out, for whatever reason. Until this is sorted, I'm not motivated to throw any real money into the game for an upgrade — fearing I'd to wind up with the same inscrutable, unusable mess!

Larry Kolinek replied 12 months ago

well, in that case:

other's would know better, but I don't see FF being a great fit for what you said, ((it can do some of it, easily?)
but relational DB.... take a look at dadbik

grin, yes... FF and dadabik... great functionality, and what the users see, well, it can always be better 🙂 BUT I would rather something work than be pretty and not work.

Larry Kolinek replied 12 months ago

FYI. the learning curve might be bigger for some people

Doug Boltson replied 12 months ago

Thank you for the lead, Larry . . . I'll take a look!

1 Answers
Victor Font answered 12 months ago
Can you post a link to the site?
Doug Boltson replied 12 months ago

<p>Obviously there's no database loaded, but here's the site (for which the database would be used behind the scenes, in a password-protected area): Wonder what you might glean from the outside ~ Let me know if you turn up anything salient ~ Good Luck . . . and Thank You for taking a look!</p>

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