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By: Gary Ownsby | Asked: 05/13/2023
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Gary Ownsby asked 11 months ago
I have a database with 1,006 records.  When I attempt to view those entries (Form Entries), only 1 entry is listed though there are multiple blank lines for other entries showing.  See attached screenshot. My site is hosted on a commercial server, and we have 1 GB Up / Down Internet service. Any thoughts on why the other entries are not showing up though they do appear when I do a live view of the list via a web page.  See second screenshot. 'Sorry, I am new to Formidable Forms...thank you. Gary O.      
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Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 11 months ago
Looking at the screenshot of the form entries, what that should mean is those entries shown as blank lines have no values for Band, Type, etc. So my questions are:
  • What do you see when you hover over a blank line and click either View or Edit
  • Are those fields required (not really helpful, just wondering
  • If you set that page's screen options to show all 1,006 entries are all of them other than the first one empty, of is it just the 50 that are currently showing?
Gary Ownsby replied 11 months ago

Great questions. Hover/click/view on blank line record confirms all fields in that record (entry) are blank. Apparently, when I loaded the database initially from a spreadsheet, I picked up extra, blank rows.

Ultimately, almost all fields will be required/mandatory, but during development none are flagged as required.

Screen Options were set to 50, but I increased to 200 just to see how many empty/blank records were there. Turns out there were many which have now been deleted. Now the correct (non-empty) records show.

You put me on the right solution path. Thank you for your help.

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 11 months ago

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