Partial submissions for a Multi-Step Form

By: Ranjeet Singh | Asked: 05/12/2023
ForumsCategory: General questionsPartial submissions for a Multi-Step Form
Ranjeet Singh asked 12 months ago
I'm trying to convert our lead generation form to a Multi-Step Form to increase conversions.  Ideally, the form would save info as the user progresses through the pages.  For example, enter name and email on p.1 -> store as a draft submission -> enter phone and authorize SMS on p. 2 -> update draft submission -> etc... Is it possible to configure a Multi-Step Form that way?  So far I've found Save and Continue Partial Submissions, but that only applies to logged in users.  My users will not be logged in.  In my testing, no data gets saved to the entry until I complete all required fields on all pages.
1 Answers
Victor Font answered 12 months ago
You can't save drafts without a user id.
Ranjeet Singh replied 12 months ago

Ok. Is it possible to trigger an Action when the user clicks the "Next" button? For example, post the name and email to Zapier when the user goes to page 2?

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