PDF Generation for concurrent same form submission by users

By: Uttam N | Asked: 12/23/2023
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Uttam N asked 4 months ago

Hi Team, I am having query for my Use case, If anyone can help to clear much appreciated. Use Case : On my blog, there is online input Form, where multiple users can access simultaneously and from multiple locations and fill their information and download respective form data in PDF. Implemented Approach:
1. Created Formidable Form with required fields.
2. Created View with required Fields.
3. In Form settings Action&Notifications, On 'Confirmation' action I had added code [frm-pdf view=100 mode=download entry="[id]" public=1]
4. After submitting form, records are inserting in Entry and on top of the Form Users can see 'Download' Button.
5. Once User click on that they can download theirs Form data in PDF file.
If the same form is accessed by multiple users simultaneously and they submit the form and clicked on download button for their form data in PDF at the same time. Is there any risk of data mismatch in PDFs generated from simultaneous form submissions. Or anything I need to change in my implementation or Already Formidable Forms takes care of that , please guide me.   Thanks.

Mariam MosinyanMariam Mosinyan replied 4 months ago

Hey Uttan,
I have the same kind of PDF generation on my website and never had this kind of issues. If you use wordpress it usually take cares of what you need, but if you afraid having issues you can try using PHP cron jobs and generate queue on each form submit rather then adding all data to database at once. But overall the probability of getting form submits at the same time and millisecond I think is very small. So I don't think you need to warry about this.

Uttam N replied 4 months ago

Hi, Thanks lot for confirmation. Will proceed with my approach mentioned above.

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