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By: Michael Clark | Asked: 06/06/2023
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Michael ClarkMichael Clark asked 11 months ago
Should the [frm-pdf] shortcode work inside Views (not publishing the shortcode to a page) to create a downloadable pdf of the view listing or detail?
Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 11 months ago

Interesting. I can't say I've tried that. The documentation does say "You may insert the following shortcode on a page, post, email notification, or View"

Bobby Clapp replied 10 months ago

I'm using it inside a view as way to download an executed contract I've created with FF.

Dominic PottsDominic Potts replied 5 months ago


I am trying to get this to work -however it isn't wokring. the view doesn't display a download link

[frm-pdf view="259329" entry="[id]" mode=download filename="Buyer Details - {206}" public=1]

This is the shortcode I've put in the view.

Victor Font replied 5 months ago

Other than missing the quotes around download and 1, and quotes around the [id] shortcode, the overall shortcode appears correct. Assuming the view ID is correct, I'd have formatted the line as:

frm-pdf view="259329" entry=[id] mode="download" filename="Buyer Details - {206}" public="1"

If formatting the line as the KnowlegeBase indicates doesn't work, you may have to open a ticket with Strategy 11.

Dominic PottsDominic Potts replied 5 months ago


As always, thank you for your super quick repsonse! I must be Quotes blind!

It works like a charm.... now time to pretty up my View/PDF

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