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By: Chris Rutter | Asked: 06/19/2024
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Chris Rutter asked 1 month ago
Hello.  I've a form I need to build where someone will pick a city and state, then another city and state up to a maximum of three.  I also want the form user to be able to reorder these cities after then have selected them.  Is that possible?
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Chris Rutter answered 4 weeks ago
Thanks Bobby, sadly that option doesn't let you specify the city and state, I would have to give the user all citys and states.    However, at that bottom of that article was this one https://www.fdmdigital.co.uk/drag-and-drop-repeater-rows-formidable-forms/ which seems to do exactly what I need.   Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
Bobby Clapp replied 4 weeks ago

Awesome. I figured it was sort of variant of this. Good deal.

Bobby Clapp answered 4 weeks ago
I recommend trying to utilize this example: https://www.fdmdigital.co.uk/formidable-forms-drag-drop-fields/

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