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By: Gregory Long | Asked: 09/21/2023
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Gregory Long asked 7 months ago
I'm looking for ways to implement the following:

Create a question based form with four answers to each question. [E] excellent [G] good [P] poor [N] nonapplicable
Assign a 1-100 value to each answer.  At the end of the form, submit would generate a color graph. Excellent being green, good being yellow, poor being red. Generated text would appear to give opinion based on value score. The users answers would be on the final page with a line for notes. The user could download the final page/section with their answers, graph, and generated text   Is this type of form possible with Formidable, and if it is, which FF features would I need?

Thanks, and I hope this makes sense. 
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Victor Font answered 7 months ago
You can use a Likert Scale for the questions: You can easily create a graph:

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