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By: Mir iam | Asked: 05/13/2024
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Mir iam asked 2 weeks ago
Hi, I am searching for a form that I can do 2 things with: 1. Send do different adresses according to chosen location 2. Show an upload field according to conditional logic.   Are those 2 things possible?  Thanks!
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Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 2 weeks ago
Yes, both of those are possible. The solution's complexity will depend on a more detailed explanation of your issue. The first issue could require some PHP code to create a custom shortcode to use as the "To:" or "BCC" fields in the notification email. The second issue, on its face, is very simple, though I suspect there's more to it than what you've laid out.
Mir iam replied 2 weeks ago

Thanks! Is this something I could get help with? Not a great at coding XD

My client has location A and location B, the form will have a 'choose location' with location A and location B. The form needs to be send to locationA@ or to locationB@ according to the chosen location in the form.

Also, location A has a requirement to upload documents, so only when location A is selected there needs to be a form to upload a document. Location B does not need the upload.

Rob LeVineRob LeVine replied 2 weeks ago

You can contact developers here -

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