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By: Tomasz Burzyński | Asked: 06/17/2023
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Tomasz BurzyńskiTomasz Burzyński asked 10 months ago

Hi everyone, I am new to Formidable  Forms and I've run into a problem that I can't solve. I have form that let me add parishes in different cities. It literally has 2 fields - city and parish name. In different form I added lookup fields, one showing cities and second showing parishes - based on a city choice. The problem is, when I add filter to parish list, it shows only placeholder. Otherwise it shows all parishes in all cities, what I expected. I have no idea what is happening, because any change of city choice doesn't make any change on parishes list. It's always only placeholder. I don't see any errors or anything like that so I can have at least a slight idea what's going on. I tried to look for this in google but couldn't find anything that looks like this problem. I could really use some help with finding what's going on here. Thanks for your time.

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Rob LeVineRob LeVine answered 10 months ago
Just based on the basic info in your question, my guess is that your filter is messing up and thus there are no values in the list. Maybe you're missing the "return" statement?
Tomasz BurzyńskiTomasz Burzyński replied 10 months ago

<p>Mayby I phrase that wrong. I didn't mean any programmed by me filter. Just Filter by Lookup Fields that is in options. If it was programmed by me I could work out something here. But I didn't add a thing from myself yet.</p>

Victor Font answered 10 months ago
Can you post screen prints of how you have the lookup fields setup on the form?
Tomasz BurzyńskiTomasz Burzyński replied 10 months ago

I tried to add everything from settings but for some reason there are only 3 of my screens visible.

Tomasz BurzyńskiTomasz Burzyński replied 10 months ago

Ok, I was able to add more in comment

Tomasz BurzyńskiTomasz Burzyński answered 10 months ago
Some more sreens
Victor Font replied 10 months ago

In the first image, there's no value set in the watch field. It won't work without a value. Also, if you watching a lookup field with another lookup field, the values should be pulled from the same table. I don't understand your native language, but it appears from the images that your second field is not setup correctly. See this:

Tomasz BurzyńskiTomasz Burzyński replied 10 months ago

Hmm... I am not sure which image you meant. I checked all of them and in city (Miejscowość) field I don't have watch field, since I want to just have all of cities from this form. In parish field (Parafia) I have watch field is set on city (Miejscowość). Both on them take data from "Parafie", just from different columns. Shouldn't it be that way?

Victor Font replied 10 months ago

The only thing I can think of is that the conditional is testing for the absence of a value. You didn't populate the value. Other than that, things appear to be okay, but to be sure, I suggest you read over the docs again.

If things continue not to work, you may have to hire a developer to take a look or open a ticket with Formidable Support through your owner account dashboard.

If you decide to hire a developer to help you out, you can find the best anywhere here:

Victor Font replied 10 months ago

If I'm understanding you correctly, I think you want to setup cascading lookup fields. See this:

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