Progress bar not displaying on old form

By: Jonathan Gittos | Asked: 04/19/2024
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Jonathan GittosJonathan Gittos asked 1 month ago

I've got an old form from last year which we still use. The progress bar used to be set up on the form settings page but has now moved to the "build" section. The progress bar worked until I updated the form and now no longer displays and is no longer generated - I've checked the underlying code with Developer Tools.

Trying to fix that by using the new Build settings "Click here to set up progress indicator" appears to work but the settings are not actually saved and refreshing the Build page after clicking Update gives the same "Click here to set up progress indicator". Nothing is saved.

Changing theme previewing separately mamkes no difference. I seem to be an issue on the "new" progress bar settings not meshing with the old form. Creating a fresh form "Add New" correctly creates a form and the progress bar displays.

So the issue is that new Progress Bar doesn't work with an old form. I could recreate the old form but that would take several hours of work so thought I would check here for a solution. Any ideas?

Jonathan GittosJonathan Gittos replied 1 month ago

Update for anyone else struggling with this. It seems to be an issue to do with saving form build / settings with Ajax enabled. Switch off Ajax and all works fine. If like me you need Ajax then a bugfix is being worked on.

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