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By: Michael Lang | Asked: 02/10/2023
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Michael Lang asked 1 year ago
Hello I have a question if anyone had the same problem and was able to solve it? I wanted to prohibit entering 2 words in a field, which works. Code looks like this: ^(?!.*\b(bochum|Bochum|unbekannt|Unbekannt)\b)[a-zA-Z0-9]+$ (inserted in the text field under format)
Now I have the following problem that words with Ä,Ö,ß and so on can no longer be entered. Does anyone have a tip an idea?
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Victor Font answered 1 year ago
Your regex is not accounting for Unicode characters. I am not a regex expert by any stretch of the imagination. Maybe this will help:
Michael Lang replied 1 year ago

Thanks gave me an idea.

In case someone needs this to ban words in a field:


Chris Titus answered 1 year ago
You might use the same logic found here -
Michael Lang replied 1 year ago

Hello thanks for the tip, since the form is multi-page, the submit button is not so good, it should already happen on the first page.

The code would be wonderful if the umlauts would work, unfortunately I have no further idea how to adapt it for this.

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